SW PIPELINE SOLUTIONS (SWPS) is the solution to all water and waste water system needs.
We work with Municipality water departments, Contractors, Engineers and Commercial businesses, large and small!
We are a family-owned, fully licensed and insured business with a reputation of customer satisfaction.

​SWPS has been serving New Mexico and surrounding states since 1997. This experience offers a unique understanding of the needs of the towns, villages and cities of the southwest.  We understand the water conservation needs of the Southwest region. The SWPS team has extensive experience in whole subdivision construction, new water and sewer system installation and repair of existing infrastructure.
PSI has worked with many municipality utility departments, utility contractors, and utility maintenance departments for warehouses, commercial businesses, and manufacturing facilities.

We specialize in emergency and non-emergency pipeline maintenance without system interruption. This helps prevent risks associated with system shutdown, such as contamination, boil orders and the danger of no access to water in case of a fire in the affected area. When we do have to stop a broken or leaking pipe, we use the newest technologies to prevent water loss and preserve natural resources.  Our services include Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Line Bypassing, Pipe Freezing, Valve Insertion, Waste Water Services & more!

What can SW Pipeline Solutions do for your business or municipality?

We leave you with a more reliable pipe system. This prevents future pipeline breaks, saves you money, and prevents water loss and waste. Once the valve is insertion is complete, the dollar value of the system actually increases! This means that the value of your system isn’t reduced as a result of this service.