Valve Insertion

Valve insertion improves system flow control. It may be preventative maintenance or a new valve may be needed to replace one that has become inoperable.

​SW Pipeline Solutions is the only local company offering the TEAM InsertValve. Using the Team InsertValve means there’s no need to shut down your line during the installation process because the InsertValve can be installed under pressure. This valve can also be repaired without shutting down the line and is the only valve on the market that features a truly resilient seat gate. The InsertValve is specifically designed to allow water flow during the tapping procedure with no loss of pressure. We know how important it is to avoid system shutdowns which can result in contamination or a dangerous situation if a fire occurs in the area without water during the valve insertion process. We also know how frustrating it is for your customers or business to be without water. That’s why we use the best valves on the market, including the Hydrastop Valve as well, and have highly trained technicians who are pros at working on functioning pipelines. In the event of an emergency such as a broken or leaking pipeline that must be shut down, our technicians use the newest technologies to prevent water loss, saving money and natural resources.